Come Down To One of Our Brew Pubs in Los Angeles

When you are in the Los Angeles region, come to visit Link N Hops for a chance to enjoy some delicious sausages and unusual craft beers. We are deeply passionate about our range of craft beers, and change our menu regularly to ensure that guests never know what we will have on offer. We like to keep it a surprise, so that you can enjoy a range of flavors. We are one of the top Brew pubs in Los Angeles, so you know that you will always get something outstanding.

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Try Our Beers or Other Drinks

If you are a real fan of craft beer, then you should be reassured by the fact that we change our tap list as often as we can. We have up to 24 different varieties of craft beer, including hoppy beers such as Hopulent IPA or the Two Hearted Ale, and even specialty beers such as the Double Bastard Ale. All of these are currently on our Sunland menu but they could change at any time, so you should consider asking us what we have on offer before you come down to buy.

Getting the Most from Our Menu

Of course, we wouldn’t be called Link N Hops if we were just about craft beers. Alongside our fabulous range of ales and specialty beers, we also serve sausages, our world-famous sausages in fact. If you are lucky enough to come down to the bar while we are in happy hour, then you can get select sausages, fries, and a rotating special on beer or wine. Take the opportunity to sample some of our fantastic food while enjoying the range of excellent craft beers that we have on offer in either of our pubs.

Standing Out From the Crowd

We know that it isn’t always easy to find the perfect dish when you are looking for something to eat at night, but our Brew pubs in Los Angeles could give you the perfect solution. Come to see us today and eat everything that you want, enjoy a fantastic night out with beers, sausages and occasionally a trivia night. When you want entertainment in the heart of Los Angeles, then we are everything that you could need. Come to see us today, or talk to us about what our latest tap list is, by calling (818) 293-3316 now.