Football at Link N Hops

Craft Beer and Football at Link N Hops – What’s not to love?

Do you know that beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in America? It’s popular the world over! From London to Los Angeles, there are millions of beers being consumed annually, and they are often enjoyed while watching the game. What game you ask? Well, two teams of men facing down and preparing to do battle. Craft beer and football at Link N Hops are the best combination for the game day.

In America gridiron football, in Europe and South America, it is soccer. So, whether it’s a pigskin, or kicking for goal, an ice cold brewski is the perfect match. While your team is going for kick-off, you’ll be kicking back, and cheering. Nirvana. Get down to Link N Hops in Sunland, Tujunga or Atwater village to enjoy one of the world’s oldest traditions.

An age-old tradition

At the end of the workday, or relaxing at home, cracking a cold one is a green light for switching from work mode to chill mode. The same goes for football and a beer – it’s a tradition that goes back more than 135 years and probably longer too. From the dawn of time men have made beer – the ancient man probably made beer and enjoyed watching sports.

After hunting for dinner, of course. As old as time, beer and sports have been a faithful love match. Game. Set. Beer. For some, the experience is almost religious. A cup of coffee might charge up your day, but it’s definitely an offside beverage for football. Game on. Get your brewskis chilled, or your craft beer brewing – its ball season and you need to get prepared.

Football at Link N Hops

Numbers to prove it

56% of Men and 46% of women vote beer as their favorite drink. In 1880 saloon owner Chris van Ahe noticed something unusual in his saloon, following football games with Brown. People drank more beer. He decided to start selling at the games. And so, a long-standing tradition began of drinking beer at the games.

Tailgate fans enjoy on average about two drinks, before the game. 48% of sports fan enjoy having an alcoholic beverage while watching the game. It goes back around 7000 years, across all cultures. Pop down to a Link N Hops to join in the fun. You can have non-alcoholic beers too if you’re the designated driver or book an Uber to take you home.

Join the party

Whether you’re a Liverpool fan, wearing a New York Giants jersey or don’t happen to know that much about ‘footie,’ ‘touchdowns’ or ‘off-side rules’ one thing you can be sure of is that at Link N Hops you’ll always score big. With craft beers, Happy Hour, specials on fries and a selection of sausages you’ll always be on the winning team.

Homer Simpson was a Duff’s beer fan, but you can have your pick from ales, lagers, tap beers and a menu that will have you wishing every night was game night. Score. Everywhere in the world, there’s a fan sitting down to a beer – room temperature, chilled – the choice is yours, the debate as you wish the perfect amount of foam. Cheers.