Craft Beer

How to tell a Great Craft Beer From a Fake Crafty Switcheroo

Do you know your craft beers from your “crafty” fake craft beers? What is a craft beer bar? What is craft beer? Well, much like a small vineyard that produces a smaller harvest, and a unique master blend of grapes to produce a unique wine, craft beers are produced and sold in a limited way, and the flavor palette is as unique. At Link N Hops we offer the best craft beers in town.

In a time when we’re all enjoying pop up markets, street food and food trucks, craft beers have a great appeal – and the mass beer market, well, doesn’t want to be excluded from the craft market. It’s a marketing ploy, some might say, and you shouldn’t trust all craft beers. How do you spot a fake craft beer bar?

Play Detective

You can go online and check labels. There are numerous sites where you can trace the true identity of the ‘craft’ beers offered. Don’t be too surprised if the craft inspired names such as “Ye Olde Brew” turn out to be linked to some of the big names in the business.

Just because the packaging looks craft and the selection of tapped beers or ales seem craft-like, is not the same as genuine craft beers. Don’t fall for clever marketing. Do your research and chat with your local liquor store manager. Don’t fall Red Hook, Blue Moon, and Shock Top into a marketing trap.

Craft Beer

Are the Tap Beers always the same?

The beauty of a true craft bar is that they should be continuously sourcing new ‘vintages’ for you to try. There should be new brands to try all the time. Chat with the staff and ask about the beers on offer. Can they tell you a bit more, or do they have stock answers?

Look for passion and interest. If you can’t see it – and the bartender is equally flat in enthusiasm you’ve probably stumbled into a sports bar, disguised as a craft beer bar. Pay. Leave. Head out to Atwater Village for a taste or real craft beers at Link N Hops.

Do all the servers wear short shorts?

Yes, a pretty server is catching your eye, but you will be disappointed with the ‘craft’ attempt, and it is daylight robbery if you’re being sold a mass-produced beer disguised as a craft beer. Penny may be pretty but once you have spent yours you’re not going to be feeling super enthusiastic about parting with your hard-earned cash in a fake joint.

No matter how sweetly she poured that over a fake foamy beer. It pays to do your homework and go to a genuine craft beer bar. Imposters are poor cousins, and true craft beer will have you smiling all night long. Invite Penny. (If you got her number.)

Don’t be catfished by the fake craft bars, and trendy names. Get real. Go to Link N’ Hops and enjoy their selection of 100%, genuine craft beers. Cheers.