a Belgian restaurant in Los Angeles

Have a Memorable Corporate Event at a Belgian restaurant in Los Angeles

Have you ever hosted a corporate event? Depending on the size of your company, there are quite a few things to consider. Where are you going to have the event? Restaurant? Hire a conference room at a hotel? What about the food being served? Drinks? Is it for all staff members, as well as clients or suppliers? What about spouses? Your guest list might just mushroom faster than you can imagine. How formal does the event need to be? Have you considered hosting a lunch, drinks or social event at a Belgian restaurant in Los Angeles? It really is a great choice.

More than the beers are chilled….

The beauty of a Belgian Bar in Los Angeles is that it is the perfect place to relax, especially after a long day at work, and socialize together in a unique way. Seating is often at tables, or at the bar. People are free to wander to both and can order drinks from a server, or the bar.

Entertaining your guests is as simple as deciding if you’re going to watch the game, or chat amongst yourselves – or a bit of both. It’s also the type of setting where late arrivals won’t feel like they are upsetting the balance of the evening. And it’s the type of place where you can close the evening officially but still stay on longer for those that don’t have other commitments. People can stop by for drinks or stay to eat a meal.

a Belgian restaurant in Los Angeles

Budget Friendly

Catering an event can be costly, but at a sports bar, there are great deals. At Links n Hop, Atwater Village or Sunland Tujunga, you can take advantage of great specials. Look for Happy Hour deals on beers and fries, as well as a huge selection of craft beers.

You can entertain many people at a high standard, and you don’t need to pay for the venue. Win Win. Cheers to that. You won’t need to pay for meals if there are no shows, either. You can run a tab with a limit too. Keep track of the costs and make your entertainment budget work for you.

Responsible Entertaining

It would be a good idea to keep an eye on your guests and make sure that anyone who needs an Uber ordered for them, has access to a safe ride home. Be prepared to possibly count in some extra taxi/ride expenses in your budget.

Being a responsible host is about more than footing the bill. Having said that, most people should keep themselves in check at work-related events but there just maybe one or two people who need keys taken away, and safe rides offered.

You’re sure to have a great social evening at a sports bar like Link N Hops. Step out of the office, and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, chilled beer on tap, and friendly staff. Decide on a pre-arranged service fee or generous tip for any servers that are looking after your guests. Do let them know the spending plan for the evening and decide your budget beforehand.