a Sports Bar in Los Feliz

Why You Should Watch the Big Game at a Sports Bar in Los Feliz

Are you a Football fan? Ready for the big game? Do you watch the big game at home? Fight for the remote? Listen to your wife nagging you about the chores you were meant to do for her? Can you eat your favorite snacks and enjoy the live action – uninterrupted? Watching at home can be great, especially if you have a few friends over, and host a BBQ. There’s nothing quite like watching Football though at a sports bar in Los Feliz  though to feel like you are really part of the action. Cheering your team on, with fellow fans. Link N Hops is the place to be for Friday night action. Round up your crew and head to Atwater Village or Sunland, Tujunga to sample the best Los Angeles has to offer.

1. Solo

Going to a sports bar in Los Feliz to watch a game is a great way to meet people. The spirit, the excitement – it’s the next best thing to being at the actual game.

Sure, there may be regulars who know the barman’s name and get beers served to them while you’re still trying to get his, or her, attention but that’s all part of hitting the scene. Don’t worry ladies. You can go solo too. It’s all about having fun, enjoying the game – and who knows what interesting people you could meet. Grab your single buddies and make a night of it.

2. Wolf Pack

Get your guys a-hopping to the Link N Hops for a night full of fun. Get your game faces on, and don’t forget to decide who is going to be the driver. Or, if you’re going to order an Uber later. Game night, beer and great sausages go together like white on rice. Choose fries. Choose life.

Choose the best spot where you can watch the game, and if you’re lucky – maybe you can meet a pretty lady, or two. Game nights are always popular, and you’re sure to enjoy a festive crowd.

a Sports Bar in Los Feliz

3. The Roar of the Crowd

Watching at home is comfortable but being a part of the action is so much better. Cheer along as a touchdown is scored. Feel the tension as the minutes count down on the clock. Be a part of the crowd and enjoy the cosmopolitan L.A. folks.

Whether you are going to Link N Hops solo, or bringing your Pack, you’re going to have a great time. Step out of your comfort zone and feel like you’re stepping out, under the lights.

4. The After Party

The game is over at home. What do you do? If you’re at home, you’ll probably head to Club Duvet. The good news is the at Links n Hops the part isn’t over.

The music is playing, DJ spinning – maybe there’s a song that gets your feet tapping. Whether your team wins or loses, you can be assured that at Sunland, Tujunga or at Atwater, Links N Hops you’re going to be having a great time. Win. Win.